About Summer

Hello there! My name is Summer Schappell.

I was born and raised by my Grandparents in small town Lakehead, California (and when I say small...I mean population 500 kind of small). I am an only child so you can imagine the insane amount of support I have been blessed with by my family.

Music has been in my blood since the second I could walk and talk. As a kid I was always involved in choir, dance, and any other performing arts program I could find. I didn’t realize it at the time, but through my involvement in community programs I had been refining, sharpening my skills, and preparing myself for a November night in 2006. I went to a Cancer Society Fundraiser and watched a band called “The Untouchables” perform all night and I couldn’t just sit and watch from the audience anymore. I HAD TO get up there somehow! I went right up there and asked if I could sing. At first, I think the only reason they let me up on that stage was because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Needless to say, I knew I had a lot to prove. So I bopped on up there and sang “My Guy”and “Johnny B. Goode”. Apparently I made some sort of an impression on the guitar player, Ron Cornelious, because afterward he came up to my grandparents and me and asked if I wanted to go to Nashville to record. At this point you could only imagine the huge question mark on our faces. The answer from my Grandparents was a big “NO WAY.” So the next year, when I was 14, we did it all over again. It was like a routine I planned in my head: Sit, watch, go CRAZY, ask to sing. I got up there again and when Ron asked us to come to Nashville this time, we said YES! Just like that. From there it has been a huge whirlwind!

My Grandparents and I have been trying to figure out this huge and crazy thing called “The Music Industry”. I recorded my first album at 14 in Nashville, and I have since had the privilege of opening for Country Music Greats: Josh Turner, LeAnn Rimes, Eric Church, Little Big Town and more. That’s not even to mention all the County Fairs I’ve done--I can’t even count that high! But I have learned so much over the years and realized how clueless we actually were getting into this!

Now, at 20 years old, I am ready to take this industry by storm. The more things go awry, the more I take that and use it to fuel my fire. I have made a decision...music is my plan...there is no backup plan. “Backup Plan” isn’t even in my vocabulary. I have released two singles this year, “It Ought To Be A Sin” and “It’s Workin’,” and even released my first music video. It has been a crazy six years. With the experience and drive I have, I am SO ready for what’s next. And a HUGE shout out to everyone who has supported and followed my career from the first day. This is only the beginning!